Top Kids' Holiday Camps Near Cascais for Outdoor Fun!

Our outdoor activities school break camps help children respect nature, develop physical and social skills and improve self-esteem through fun and creative activities in a safe environment.


4-5 years


6-11 years


12-17 years

Camping Introduction!

On the last night of our camp week, we are thrilled to offer an optional Camping Introduction!

For an additional fee, your child can enjoy an immersive camping experience that introduces them to the joys and skills of camping.


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Kids Into the Woods!
Night Forest Adventure!
Join us for a magical night!
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what is included



ACTIVITIES transfers

Plus insurance and equipment for all activities

Camp Stories

It was after the second day in the summer outdoor camp. Zion, my 7-year-old son, took the champion pose and released an " I LOOOOOVE IT".
There's no better proof for me. My child woke up by himself, walked happily into his day, and returned delighted, energised, and inspired. The fab team provided exciting, safe activities in nature and held space for connection, joy, and learning. It gave me peace of mind and fulfilment to know Zion in the hands of Cascais Routes.
Thank you so much.
Stefanie Birkholz

Embark on a unique outdoor adventure during school holidays, immersing in the breathtaking Sintra Cascais Natural Park.

Our program fosters a deep respect for nature, enhances physical and social skills, and boosts self-esteem through engaging activities in a secure environment.

Running from Monday to Friday, 9h00 to 17h00, each day starts with nature-focused activities, fostering a strong connection between children and their surroundings.

Secure your spot for an unforgettable week where education meets adventure in the heart of nature during school breaks like Christmas, Summer, Easter, and more.

Check our availability and join the experience.

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