Explore Cascais Coastal Beauty with Stand-Up Paddle

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Unleash the adventurer in you as you discover the scenic beauty of Cascais Bay through the serene art of Stand-Up Paddle (SUP). Our experienced guides will not only teach you how to have fun but also help you savor the tranquility of our calm waters in a truly relaxing and stunning experience. For an extra dose of adventure, you can even combine this experience with kayaking!

why choose us?

expert instructors

Even if you don’t know how to swim, this activity is perfectly safe, and our expert guides will make sure you’re in good hands.

escape the crowds

Our Stand-Up Paddle experience provides you with a unique and crowd-free way to explore the splendor of Cascais Bay, especially during high season. We ensure that the adventure is customized to your skill level, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and one-of-a-kind experience.

Immerse in Nature

Allow the soothing sounds of nature to envelop you as you gracefully paddle on your Stand-Up Paddle Board, offering you a fresh perspective on the breathtaking Cascais coastline.