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Whether it’s for corporations, schools, sport teams, or any group, our outdoor experiences have one simple and central objective: to cause a meaningful change in your group’s spirit. 

We customize experiences to match your team’s preferences, going beyond standard activities, offering fully tailored adventures that align with your specific vision. Whether you’re seeking thrilling challenges or serene team-building moments, we’ve got you covered.

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Our team building activities aren’t your typical corporate games – they’re exciting activities created to address specific areas that need improving. The activities are crafted to foster teamwork and nurture essential interpersonal skills – communication, trust, inclusion, commitment to the challenges ahead and overall team spirit.

Plus, we know the area like the back of our hands! We are a team of local adventure enthusiasts so you will have the true and genuine experience – your team will have fun at the best spots, eat in the best restaurants, have access to all the best services and much more!

Elevate your team to a new level and immerse yourself in the stunning Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.




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Beach Games Tournament

A dynamic event designed to enhance team spirit through a blend of enjoyable competition and fun challenges. This engaging experience requires both individual skillfulness and team cooperation, fostering full participation. Teams will rotate through diverse games, competing for the number one spot at the podium. It’s the perfect mix of coordination, group spirit, communication, construction challenges, problem-solving, and strategic thinking — an exhilarating journey that builds lasting memories and strengthens team bonds.

Cascais Bay Water Challenge

As the adventure unfolds, join forces on our big and individual stand up paddle boards alongside the kayaks, and engage in challenging water races to claim the number one spot on the podium. Success in these thrilling water competitions demands a seamless blend of coordination, effective communication, and impeccable balance. Get ready for a day of exhilarating challenges and water-filled fun!

Coastal Quest: Kayak & E-Bike Challenge

Start at Cascais Bay, kayak through pristine waters, and transition seamlessly to an electrifying E-Bike ride along the coast. Compete against time and other teams, showcasing teamwork and strategy. It’s not just a challenge; it’s a bonding experience filled with thrilling adventures. Will your team be the first to conquer both water and coastal trails? Join the quest for victory!


Forest Adventure & Treasure Hunt

Get lost in the forest. Fun competition that enables teams to enjoy a variety of challenges in the magical Sintra forest. Climb and rappel station, orientation, dynamic group games, each team moves through stations using their map and completes them all. In every station different tasks are completed and points are scored. The team that scores the most points and finds the treasure wins. Goals and benefits of this activity include team bonding, problem solving, time management, trust building and adaptability.

Cascais Village Treasure Hunt

This engaging activity promises fun while fostering team spirit. Experience exceptional group dynamics and top-notch team building in the heart of Cascais, exploring its rich history. Teams will navigate using crafted maps, uncovering the treasure and encountering dynamic stations. These stations feature entertaining games testing skills like coordination, team spirit, communication, construction, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

Sintra History & Winery Tour

Embark on a captivating tour, where you’ll delve into the rich history of Sintra, exploring its enchanting streets and iconic landmarks. This carefully curated experience not only fosters collaboration but also introduces a delightful winery visit. This addition enhances team bonding, creating a memorable and enriching experience. Choose this tour for a harmonious blend of history and wine, making it ideal for both cultural exploration and team-building.

Jeep Safari & Rappel/ Climbing Challenge

Elevate your team with our challenge in Sintra Cascais Natural Park! This unique activity not only promotes collaboration and effective communication but also cultivates trust and camaraderie among team members. The combination of thrilling Jeep exploration and exhilarating rappelling and climbing creates a powerful bonding experience. Get to know amazing spots such as Peninha and Cabo da Roca.